Wicked Anti-fraud

Welcome to WAF - Wicked Anti-fraud

Get transaction insights and fraud alerts directly in MetaMask.

What is WAF - A fraud detection plugin for MetaMask

Automatically screen every transaction for fraud when you transact with MetaMask. WAF will display the results of the screening directly in MetaMask. It will check the transaction against a database of known contracts, addresses and dapps. It will check for phishing, rugpulls, scams, honeypots, hacked dapps and bad actors known to us through regular scanning. Ethereum and most L2 chains are currently supported with more coming soon.


WAF uses Metamask Snaps. Snaps is pre-release software only available in MetaMask Flask, a canary distribution for developers with access to upcoming features. When snaps is released to the main MetaMask distribution this plugin will be available to all users of Metamask.
Install MetaMask Flask


Get started by connecting to and installing the WAF plugin to Metamask. You only do this once or when there is an update to the plugin.

The current version of WAF Snap is v1.0.1. For issues and feedback; please use our official Discord server